Alison Jones, Kalima Patel and Claire Roberts from the Salford Community and Voluntary Service were joined by the Salford Business Connector Charlotte Lloyd and Assistant Mayor Councillor Gena Merrett in the first ever Salford 4 Good fundraiser.

Part of the money they raised through sponsorship is going to the Singing with Dementia in Salford group and the rest will go towards Salford 4 Good funds which will be distributed to a range of local good causes. 

Singing with Dementia is a group for people with Dementia/Alzheimer’s and their carers’. It is run by dedicated volunteers and uses music as a communication tool to stimulate the process of recall of past memories for people with Dementia/Alzheimers. It also provides friendship and support to carers. This group is an example of one of the hundreds of smaller local groups in Salford that can often go under the radar and not get the recognition and support they deserve.

Louise Murray, Deputy Chief Executive of Salford CVS said: "There are over 1300 community and voluntary organisations, co-operatives and social enterprises operating in Salford. The majority of these manage on an income of under £10,000 a year making a massive difference to the people of Salford and making Salford a great place to live. 

"Through Salford 4 Good, people will be able to donate time, money and resources to support local community and voluntary groups.

"Salford 4 Good will also raise the profile of local good causes and make it easier for individuals and businesses to give something back to their community." 

To organise your own fundraising event get in touch with Salford 4 Good on 0161 787 7795

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