Payroll Giving 4 Good!

What is Payroll Giving?

A quick, hassle-free and tax efficient way for employees to give to charity through their pay - getting immediate tax relief on that donation!

Payroll Giving is a cost effective way for individuals who are paid through PAYE to give to their favourite local good cause. It works by taking your charity donation from your gross pay automatically each month until you decide to stop. It’s easy to give and you even get 20%* from the tax-man.


How easy is it?

Modern payroll giving software allows for pre-tax deductions. Some inputting initially by your payroll department is required for each employee. The total amount, once deducted, comes to The Charities Trust for onwards distribution. You can even calculate this pre-tax deduction before you sign up here!


Why do it? 

Payroll giving benefits all employees who take part by offering them a tax efficient way of supporting their chosen local good cause. By giving this donation to Salford 4 Good you’ll be helping us support good causes and communities across Salford. Directly helping to make Salford a great place to live, work and visit for all.



Are there any additional options?

You can also sign up to a ‘My Giving Account’. This is your personal online charity account that allows you to put aside money specifically for charitable giving. So a regular donation can be set up to a charity, or funds can be left to build up so that donations can be made at any time, including charity events and in support of disaster appeals.


Company Impact

Through payroll giving you and your staff can make a real difference to Salford good causes which will help your business meet its corporate social responsibilities.


If you would like to setup payroll giving or find out more, contact Salford 4 Good on Email:, Tel: 0161 787 7795.


*20% unless you are a top rate tax payer and then you get immediate tax relief at whatever rate you pay.