Our Team

Salford 4 Good is an exciting partnership between five Salford based community organisations combining their extensive expertise to provide widespread support to local good causes.  Their role is to manage the initiative, bring people together, and enable new relationships to flourish.


Salford CVS 

Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.




Binoh provides training, support and advice to Salford families, children and community groups allowing them to prosper, grow and improve their wellbeing and quality of life.  We also represent the community in several local and national forums.


The Broughton Trust

The Broughton Trust is a regeneration Charity that provides adult learning, youth work, employment support, community development, supports households in East Salford to adapt to climate change and help them to live more sustainably.


The Seedley and Langworthy Trust

The Seedley and Langworthy Trust is a community development trust supporting local residents with the provision of a free drop-in resource centre, free advice and guidance on benefits, housing and local issues, employment support programmes and community development activities.

   Salford Disability Forum

Salford Disability Forum aims to ensure that disabled people in Salford are able to play a full and active part in their community and able to take control of their lives, this is done through the provision of support to disabled people, people with longterm conditions, their families and friends.

Salford 4 Good Ambassadors work with the project partners to promote the brand and the opportunities it presents for Salford people who can engage local communities, people and businesses and help Salford 4 Good to become a successful source of support for local charities and community groups. Ambassadors will also lend their name to help promote Salford 4 Good in all of our publicity materials.