What We Do

Salford 4 Good is a charity initiative led by a partnership of 5 Salford based Community Organisations and supported across the City by Salford 4 Good Ambassadors.

Our purpose is to support and strengthen the work of voluntary and community groups in Salford by making it easier for individuals and businesses to help local good causes through the giving of time & skills, money and resources. We're about everybody getting involved to help make Salford a great place to live, work and visit by supporting our local good causes.

This exciting and unique initiative aims to create and reinforce relationships between local people, local communities and businesses. But how does it all happen?

Individuals - Get involved today!

You can get involved in your community and make a real difference to the lives of people on your doorstep.

  • Become a Salford 4 Good Ambassador today
  • Volunteer to join our fundraising team
  • Challenge yourself in a sponsored sporting event
  • Pop a pound in our collection buckets
  • Become a regular donator by signing up to payroll giving
  • Share your skills - use your knowledge and experience to help causes develop projects
  • Donate items and help us create cash from your attic!
  • Ask your employer to adopt a local cause you’re passionate about
  • Develop an employer supported volunteering scheme 

Businesses - Help your community! 


Give an employee time to volunteer and enable them to support activities such as:

  • Extra special unique events like office bake sales, shoe box appeals and sponsored activities
  • Favourite events — set up regular coffee mornings, payroll giving benefit events and other fundraising activities
  • Support Employee volunteering — offer employees paid time off to benefit their local community - fulfilling your corporate social responsibility and building a reputation as a responsible business whilst you're at it!

We can work with you to find activities, volunteer opportunities and fundraising ideas that suit your business and will engage your staff.


Use your talents to help others. This could include a painter and decorator sprucing up a community room, a joiner repairing a fence or a marketer helping a local good cause raise awareness of its positive impact.


  • Establish a payroll giving scheme for employees
  • Set up a fundraising appeal page for a sponsored event
  • Make a donation through our "Donate Now" facility
  • Provide specific capital items to develop output and projects
  • Develop a corporate social responsibility programme
  • Match Fund —help charitable groups to seek a wider range of grants by offering to match fund a proposal


Offer a product or activity to meet the needs of a local community or voluntary group. This could range from food for a pensioners lunch to cement to create a smooth and safe path for disabled access or even a venue for a meeting.

Can you help make a difference by giving your time and skills, money and resources?

Contact Salford 4 Good today telephone 0161 787 7795 or email info@salford4good.org you can also follow us on twitter - @Salford4Good