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Buy a Brick for Barton Athletic

£2 a Brick for Barton Athletic
Under £10

Barton Athletic Club are building a new state of the art gym in Salford! 


Established in 1953, Barton Athletic (or Shacklady’s Gym) supports the health and wellbeing of the local community. The club provides and promotes community participation in the sports of Amateur Wrestling, Amateur Boxing, Weightlifting, Road Running and free training for all athletic pursuits where possible.

Recently BAC have worked tirelessly to design, fundraise and plan for the build of a new gym for its existing and future members and to make Salford a sporting city. 

The build has started and the new club is taking shape. Now you can help BAC build their new home and continue supporting the local community to get active, stay healthy and develop skills.


How can you help?

By donating to the Buy-a-Brick fund you’ll be directly supporting the completion of the new Gym and supporting the re-development of the local area. There are plenty of donation options and all donors will be added to the Clubs official ‘Book of Supporters’ to be displayed in the new Gym…

Donate £2 to buy a brick, every brick counts!

Give £10 to buy a whole hod of bricks!

Donating £25 will get you half a wall!


Giving £40 will buy you a real personalised brick to be laid as part of the new club building!


If you’re part of a business and want to support this amazing cause you can buy a Business Brick. For £100 you will receive a commercially named Brick to be laid as part of this fantastic new resource for the whole community. 


Fundraising Target: £5,000



Please email any names/ further details to be added to the Supporters Book/ Personalised bricks to