Early Years, Youth Groups & Schools

How Can You Support Salford 4 Good?

Many early years’ & youth groups, schools, colleges and universities are already expert in raising money. either for their own school funds or supporting children and young people to contribute to national charities. We believe they can also benefit from forging relationships with local charities and community groups.

There are over 1300 community and voluntary organisations, co-operatives and social enterprises operating in Salford, many of whom make a huge difference to the lives of people in Salford whilst managing on an income of under £10,000 a year.

We would like to help build these relationships and create opportunities for your children, young people, staff and parents to support groups in their own communities, improve the lives of others and enrich the City of Salford.

All ages ranges can get involved in Salford 4 Good

Early Years

  • Dress up for World Book Day or organise a fancy dress day to raise funds for Salford 4Good
  • Organise a sponsored mini sport day for your children
  • Encourage your parents/carers to contribute to a healthy eating recipe competition and print off the winning recipes in return for a small donation

Primary Schools & Junior Youth Groups

  • Sponsored Football Matches
  • Sponsored Bike Rides
  • Sponsored Silence in Schools
  • Talent Shows
  • Eccles Cake Bake offs

Secondary Schools & Youth Groups

Organise a Good as New Uniform stall

If you use a reward scheme such as Vivo nominate Salford 4 Good as a charity your students can donate to

We could support you to arrange for some of your young people to bag pack at a local super market to raise money for a local group


Your students could take part in the Salford 4 Good £10 Enterprise Challenge. They will be tasked with using their enterprise skills to turn a £10 investment into a large donation for charity.


At the end the year students could donate unwanted furniture to one of Salford’s furniture recycling projects or tins left in their cupboards at the end of the year to a local food bank .

Students who like a physical challenge could get sponsored to compete in one the sporting events that take place around the Quays each year including the 10K Salford Run, the Manchester Swim and even a Salford Triathlon.

It’s not just about money!

You may have skills and experience you can share with community groups in your area and in turn you could benefit by developing closer links with these groups. For example, a staff member could serve on the management committee of a local group and in return the group might nominate someone to serve on your governing body.

How can Salford 4 Good help?

We can provide information about and link your organisation up with voluntary and community groups which operate in your area.

We can help you develop your fundraising ideas for Salford 4 Good.

We can offer support in recruiting volunteers.

We can link you up to similar organisations who are already involved in Salford 4 Good.

If you'd like to support Salford 4 Good by running a fundraising event or would like to know more get in touch on Tel: 0161 787 7795, Email: info@salford4good.org